Bamboo pepper grinder

I made this pepper grinder. It is made of bamboo plywood. Plywood gets a bum rap, but there are some that are top-notch. Bamboo also can’t help but be plywood, due to its shape. As you can imagine, it’s probably labor intensive to make and that’s why it’s often pricey during those moments you’re thinking about putting down bamboo flooring.

The grinding mechanism was something that was bought. I was pretty content with a loose fit, but Sean seriously labored over buying and soldering the copper fittings around the tube, to minimize wobbles.

The copper tube is something we repurposed. Copper is also another one of those pricey (but pretty!) materials.

To use the grinder, you turn the topmost segment while holding the bottommost segment stationary.  You put your peppercorns into the copper tube.


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