Clothes Make the Man/Woman



Brodie Apparel is a Seattle area-based apparel designer company with a California-meets-Pacific Northwest aesthetic. They excel in casual-comfortable clothing with a masculine swagger. They were looking to expand their reach. These guys were designing their apparel and selling them through word of mouth. They wanted a web presence and also an online shop that was easy for them to use and easy for their customers.




The expansion of the Brodie Apparel brand revolved around a love of the outdoors and staying on the move. Candid and naturalistic photos were shot, and product photos had a haphazard-yet-artsy aesthetic. The website and online store was composed of big and bold photos, minimal text. We wanted the clothing and the brand to be very social media friendly. And we wanted the clothes to speak for themselves.




  • E-commerce-ready Website
  • Product photography
  • General photography
  • Digitized/illustrated files of new Brodie Apparel design based off owner’s concepts

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