Posters that Solicit Dancing



Bould Entertainment is a concert producer and promoter who brings hip hop artists to the Seattle area and also organizes talent shows that feature local artists. They commissioned concert poster and postcards that they can post around the Greater Seattle Area to market their events. Because the artists they work with are mostly people of color, the promotional materials needed to reflect a certain aesthetic while also deviating from that aesthetic enough to be eye-catching.




All posters illustrations and design feature a photo or illustration of the artists themselves. Bright pops of color are utilized with the understanding that a lot of the time, these posters will be seen from a distance. Posters are also thematic, based on the time of the year the concert is taking place. The Obie Trice poster, for instance, happened during the holidays.




  • Posters
  • Postcards
  • Social media headers and graphics
  • VIP name tag designs
  • Misc. illustration work



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