Maximus leather bifold wallet


This is my favorite wallet design of all time and it is my daily wallet that I walk around with every day! It’s a very straightforward bifold that features one piece of hand-dyed leather. The inside is lightly waxed. There are two flaps to hold cards and when the wallet is closed, stuff doesn’t really go flying out of the thing (this is a question I have gotten in the past!). These wallets features a good amount of natural hide “flaws” or idiosyncrasies.

This wallet features red stitching on the bottom of both flaps. There is an “SN” logo stamp on the backside of these pieces. This leather series is named after all the things I considered naming my dog, but didn’t.

Size: approx 2.75″x 4″ (inches)

Re: the leather material

These wallets are made with full-grain leather, which is less processed and leaves the entire — aka full — grain of the hide intact. Wallets will include natural scarring and blemishes (which you can see in the pictures!). Full grain leather is porous (but very durable). It absorbs moisture and oil and, over time, will develop a pretty patina (darker, shinier) that looks better the longer the wallet ages.

Re: the leather tannage

These wallets are made from vegetable tanned leather. (Tanning the process in which cowhide becomes leather.) This type of tanning is called vegetable it uses natural materials in the tanning process, like tree bark. Veg tanning is an old-school method of tanning, and the method has been around for centuries.

Re: the dye job

These wallets are darker brown (rather than naturally light tan or buff-y beige) because I hand-dyed it with a penetrating leather dye. Because of the custom process, the color is not uniform from piece to piece.

Re: cutting and stitching

These wallets are hand-cut and also hand-stitched, not machined. Because of this, there is often lack of uniformity on the wallets. Also, the ends of the nylon threads get burned off to prevent fraying, so there may be some light burn marks on wallets. 😀 Enjoy!

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