Tâm Nguyễn Year of the Ox Print


Who is Tâm, you ask? She is my mom, and she was born in the Year of the Ox, 60 years ago. I chose this illustration to sell because I wanted my first-ever legit print to be of her. This year is especially special for her because it’s her Tân Sửu year. It means the entire lunar calendar has cycled, and it’s her birth year again. Okay, I’m explaining this bad because I’m not sure I understand it myself. Anyway, I made her write this out for those of you who comprehend Vietnamese: “Chào mừng năm Tân Sửu! 60 năm trước tôi chào đời cũng năm Tân Sửu.”

Title: “Tâm Nguyễn Year of the Ox Print”
About: Limited run of 40 prints, dated, numbered and signed on the back
Size: 8×10 inches
Paper type: thick 200gsm matte paper with a subtle texture
Print: Giclee with 75 archival value with normal in-home display



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