Our Approach

We are as deliverables-driven and focus on hitting deadlines as we are flexible. We love working in thought partnership with our clients and prefer to work on projects with broad or open parameters where there are lots of opportunities to figure out creative solutions. We tend to do more consultative or comprehensive work rather than piecemeal production work  though we often break our own rules all the time. We wanna stress that we LOVE collaborating and working with other BIPOCs, especially in work that intersects with social and racial justice. 

There’s often an element of education in our work, whether it is teaching ourselves new things, teaching our clients, creating documentation, creating templates, doing trainings, and a bunch of other stuff like that. We tend to work with people we’d be friends with IRL.

We scope (price out) projects based on a sliding scale depending on sector, industry. We don’t always take on every project, but we tend to pick projects that we feel passionate about.

what we do


Branding generally involves an entire suite of endeavors and deliverables, including but not limited to: logo design, visual identity design, website design and development, messaging, copywriting, copyediting, template creation, collateral creation, signage, and a whole lot more!

Visual Design

This could be stuff like print editorial design and layout, website design, social media posts and more, campaign visual themes, campaign graphic suites, and other concept work. 


We mostly do editorial illustration, but sometimes we do stuff like iconography and infographics

Web Development

We build mobile-first, accessible websites, usually in WordPress, but we also work in Squarespace, Drupal, Joomla and some others. 

Social Media

Our niche in social media marketing and management is in small businesses (consumer-focused, not B2B) and social justice nonprofits, mostly in community-building and donor engagement. 

Content Writing and Editing

We bring our backgrounds in journalism and news content management to longform and serialized storytelling. We also often do website copywriting and general copy editing.

Creative, Art, and Editorial direction/management

We oversee and manage the look, feel, tone, style and more — of content that tell stories. We do this across multiple channels and in multiple formats and media.