H. Phạm print


There was an entire generation that lost their identity and history during the mass exodus out of Việt Nam) after 1975, not just ideologically, but also tangibly. Photos, documents, and mementos had to be left behind, so for many Vietnamese Americans, having relics from the past in their new life was precious and rare. This piece is a remix of one such relic — a photo of my grandma from her youth. This piece is faceless because people are often forgotten. This piece’s original form was paint on canvas because that’s how people are legitimized. This piece is replicated in prints because that’s how people are immortalized.

Title: “H. Phạm”
Size: 8×10 inches
Medium: Print reproduction of acrylic on canvas
Paper type:
 thick 200gsm matte paper with a subtle texture
Print: Giclee with 75 archival value with normal in-home display

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