Hangry Bún Riêu enamel pin


Bún riêu may look elegant with all of its tía tô and hoa chuối thái nhỏ accessories looking so delicate like a summer breeze, but remember that bún riêu is actually forged from the blunt shells of crabbies. Bún riêu’s a strong, assertive one, leaving behind stank-breath souvenirs long after it’s gone.

This pin is part of a Hangry Viet Soup series, which is a super duper team-up with On Point Pins!

  • Size: 1.49″ x 1.37″ | 38mm x 35mm
  • Thickness: 0.07″ | 2mm
  • Type: High-quality hard enamel
  • Material: Gold Metal
  • Backing: 2×8 mm post with a black rubber clutch
  • Includes backing card

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