This ongoing list isn’t comprehensive, but does highlight things I’ve written that I find noteworthy.


Nonpermanent residents” Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (June 2014)
A three-part series about local Cambodian men facing deportation for crimes committed when young.

Local woman champions brother’s release from imprisonment in North Korea” (March 2014)
Terri Chung’s brother, Kenneth Bae, is an American imprisoned in North Korea for two years. Chung has been fighting for his release.

Last day ditch: Father and pilot remembered and honored for heroics during fall of Saigon” (March 2014)
Pilot remembered nearly 40 years later for performing rare helicopter ditch at end of Vietnam War, saving his friends and family.

Seattle couple brings medicine, self defense to sex abuse victims in Vietnam” (Jan 2014)
Two volunteers join One Body Village to help Vietnamese sex abuse and trafficked victims in Vietnam.

Korean Americans create the Vangrace Project to help school for orphans in Uganda(June 2012)
Three friends came together to create The Vangrace Project, a nonprofit that partners with a school for orphans in Uganda. Vangrace is helping the school become financially self-sustainable so its students can pursue higher education.

“Why Black and Asian women respond differently when faced with racism” Part 1 | Part 2 (May 2012)
A study was released comparing Black and Asian women’s methods of confronting racism/discrimination. Researchers found that Black women directly confront perpetrators significantly more often than Asian women. This story examines the whys of this.


After 30 years of helping immigrants, CCA forced to declare bankruptcy(April 2011)
 The Center for Career Alternatives was an agency that provided education, employment, training, and career development services. It had to close its doors after decades. This story discusses the impact of this organization.


Bamboo art breaks boundaries in Bellevue” (Dec 2012)
Sculptural bamboo art. Discussions of form, gender, history.

“A-pop! Castles don’t float in Asia, Roger Mayweather is bananas” (May 2012)
The regular columnist, Vivian Nguyen, was unable to cover this month’s pop culture column. So I gleefully stepped in.

Dr. Youn shares the pratfalls (and joy) behind becoming a plastic surgeon” (Nov 2011)
Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn talks about growing up Korean American and how his dad reacted to his tell-all memoir.