Here is a sampling of the pieces/projects that most exemplify my skills and work.

Visit the blog for an idea of some of the stuff I’m working on at the moment.  You can also hover over “portfolio” in the navigation bar to get a drop down menu that will lead you to more of my work. This is the graphics section.



insert_zombie_finalZombies to promote VMC’s Test Automation 

These zombie illustrations were created as part of a larger marketing effort that promoted VMC’s games test automation services. This illustration was used in product sheets, evites, email marketing campaigns, events-related branding, and print advertising.

NWAW’s fashion cover 

I illustrated and designed this cover for Northwest Asian Weekly’s 2009 Fashion Issue. It was part of a set that won third place from Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, and it, by itself, won first place from Society of Professional Journalists.

Tree cover for NWAW’s 30th Anniversary 

In 2012, Northwest Asian Weekly experienced a notable milestone: It turned 30. Starting as tiny newspaper in 1982, the paper has grown and become a voice for the region on community, political, and social justice issues, empowering people of color.

Kinship graphic for NWAW 

This illustration was created for  a feature article in Northwest Asian Weekly about the trends in kinship care arrangement  among Asian American/Pacific Islander families.



develop_cVMC Game Labs ad 

VMC Game Labs underwent rebranding in early 2013. We used a bullet-train image with gold and silver flag on the side.

The Obama cover 

For the 2008 election, I did a cover of then President-elect Obama. For the cover, we opted for no headline, just this image.  The cover ended up being featured in the Poynter Institute’s “President Obama Election 2008” book.




Dackel is a pop-up restaurant in Seattle from chef Josh Nebe specializing in German food.  The challenge of creating this logo was finding a way to merge Josh’s visual preferences and his very cool personality while still conveying a sense of fine, beautiful food.

Cruz Law, PLLC

Jason Cruz is an attorney based in the Greater Seattle Area.  He sought out a logo that was clean and concise, that would represent the breadth of his subject matter expertise.



Issue 35

I step in whenever Northwest Asian Weekly’s layout editor and graphic designer needs to take a [well-deserved!] break to go on vacation.  This is an example of a typical newspaper layout that I design. News layouts can be rigid, but they can also be incredibly fun, creative, and full of lovely intricate details.




I designed Heo Yeah Yum and it’s actually my personal food blog, where I post my photos, recipes, and yammer on about stuff I like to eat. redesign

I redesigned local writer Tiffany Ran’s personal food blog.  She really had a unique point of view that is different from many other food bloggers’ aesthetic.  Together, we figured out how to make the design reflect her philosophy on food.


BlindCock Media logo and website

I illustrated, designed, and help create a visual brand for BlindCock Media. I also designed its website. BlindCock Media is just frankly really cool. redesign

In 2011, Northwest Asian Weekly got a mini-redesign, the kind of facelift that a reader wouldn’t even noticed unless they were looking extra closely.  At the same time, the facelift has greatly improved website functionality and our ability to update it.